Our mission and childcare approach

Our mission is to provide a childcare service that prepares your child for the future.

To encourage children, through play, to explore life in a safe and secure environment. Building your child’s confidence, self-respect and respect for others remains an integral part of our approach.

We endeavor to promote learning through play-based teaching which promotes the 7 areas of learning. We take a child centered approach to learning which means looking at what we offer through the eyes of your child and are guided by what inspires and motivates them, listening to the child’s voice.

We believe children learn best in a relaxed, homely environment where they feel emotionally and physically safe where every child makes the most of their abilities. We know children develop at different rates using both indoor and outdoor areas, and by treating them as an individual we believe children will thrive and become ‘school ready’.

We believe this approach will have a positive impact on early childhood experiences.

Children will become strong, confident, independent explorers of the world around them.

They’ll be inspired by their own imagination, to think critically, to resolve problems, to be accepting of all others, and have the confidence to discuss their own views.

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Health & Safety

  • Nursery Care: Health & Safety
  • safeguarding
  • Safety Regarding Covid-19
At Positive Steps Day care, we take the safety of our children very seriously. After all, no job is more important than keeping a parent’s child safe. In addition to this we have a door entry system on all external and internal doors. Access can only be gained from the front of the building, entry onto the nursery premises can only be gained by parents/carers or members of staff. You will proceed to the entrance doors, at this point you will have to ring the door bell and the door will be answered to you by a member of staff within the nursery.
Our commitment to safeguarding all children, not only those within our care, is at the heart of our approach to early years education. We feel it is of the utmost importance to provide support and guidance for our parents and families, as well as our employees, to help signpost you to the correct advice and pathways, should you have any concerns about a child’s welfare.
At Positive Steps Day care, we understand that we cannot fully eliminate the risk of cross-infection of viruses and bugs. However, we work hard to continuously minimise risk where possible. We have several safety protocols in place regarding hygiene in our setting. The setting has robust hygiene routines. Each room has an individual routine for washing all soft furnishing and equipment. Managers and room leaders complete regular checks throughout each day and ensure regular touch points are cleaned regularly. These terms and conditions are in addition to our standard terms and conditions and have been added in light of covid19 pandemic of 2020 All families and staff members will follow all guidelines released by the Government regarding covid19. In particular, all families, family members and staff members will follow the social distancing guidelines. It is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of all updated and current guidance and social distancing protocol relating to yourselves and the area of which you live and follow your living areas local lockdown restrictions if there are any in place. Children with symptoms on the current NHS or PHE list of coronavirus symptoms will not attend nursery under any circumstances. You must inform the nursery manager if your child is absent due to covid19 symptoms, or has been for a COVID test, even if the result is a negative result. Adults with covid19 symptoms or who has taken a test and is awaiting results will not be able to enter the nursery premises at any time and should not be the parent to drop the child of at the nursery. We encourage all households to get tested if they have symptoms of coronavirus and test results MUST be shared with nursery staff. If any child or member of staff receive an official NHS covid19 POSITIVE test then that child’s bubble or group will be closed for 14 days. During those 14 days all children and staff from that bubble/group must self-isolate and complete the self-isolation period.