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  • Settling your child
  • Partnership with parents
  • Curriculum
We love to welcome you to come along to your child’s first settling in session, so you can be with them while they get used to their new surroundings. You’ll meet your child’s key person, too, and see how they interact with them, the rest of the team, and the other children in the nursery. You can continue with a series of short sessions, each time leaving your child for slightly longer as they build their confidence, until they’re ready to start. You and your child can take as long as you need in the settling in process – it’s all free of charge. It’s all about building relationships. Your key person will work in partnership with you to make sure your journey is positive from the start. They’ll be keen to get to know your child, so you can help them find out about your child's individual routines, the people who are special to them, their likes and dislikes, and any other important information such as their special comforter, how they like to be comforted, and if they have a favourite story or activity. We will always tailor activities to suit your child’s interests throughout their time at nursery. We can offer advice and guidance and can discuss any concerns you may have about your child starting nursery and moving on to school. Starting school is an important milestone for every child and their family. We aim to do all we can to support and celebrate this transition, ensuring that children are well prepared for their next stage of learning.
Children learn and develop once they have established secure relationships with their parents and careers. These relationships develop from birth. Positive Steps Day care’ Early Years practitioners strive to extend these relationships and create excellent partnerships with parents, children and keyworkers to create a happy and caring atmosphere, allowing children to feel safe, secure and ready to go off and explore our learning environment. Positive Steps Day care   welcome and include the views of all those involved in a child’s care. We strongly believe in building collaborative partnerships with our families. Two-way communication is the heart of this and needs to be promoted to its fullest potential. Partnership with parents and outside agencies is a vital component of the EYFS. Children who benefit from support and a positive approach to play and learning, offer children an excellent foundation onto which future learning can be built.




Early Years Foundation Stage Framework: The nursery incorporates the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) to support and develop children’s play and learning. The Statutory Framework for the Early years foundation stage (2017) will be adhered to at all times. Aims and Objectives: The aim of our nursery framework is: To enable all children to learn and develop their skills to the best of their ability To promote a positive attitude towards learning To promote self-discovery, exploration and curiosity towards learning To promote an ethos of mutual respect and kindness, and a sense of what is and what is not acceptable codes of behaviour To help children understand the importance of truth and fairness so they begin to learn the importance of equal opportunity and British Values. To endorse and support children’s high self-esteems so they have the confidence to try. To promote the EYFS outcomes and characteristics of effective learning. Organisation and planning: Planning within the EYFS covers 7 areas of learning and development: Personal, Social and emotional development Communication and language Physical development Mathematics Literacy Understanding the world Expressive arts and design Children’s overall development in these 7 areas is tracked termly. At Positive Steps Day care, we are passionate about equal opportunities for all. We have a dedicated SENCO whose role it is to work with any child who may have Special Educational Needs. We adhere to the SEND policy. The Nursery Manager is responsible for the day-to-day organisation of the nursery, ensuring staff are fully trained on the EYFS. An amalgamation of evidence of children’s learning is captured on a daily, weekly and termly basis though observations, individual learning journeys and trackers which is monitored and checked at termly at moderation for progression, inclusion and trends by the manager and shared with parents/carers.